[PET] CfP: 4th IEEE Security and Privacy on the Blockchain Workshop (IEEE S&B 2020)

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Thu Jan 16 17:43:01 GMT 2020

Dear all,

please consider submitting your papers to the 4th IEEE Security & Privacy on
the Blockchain workshop (IEEE S&B 2020), which is co-located with EuroS&P. We
encourage short and full paper (including SoK paper) submissions. Full details
can be found here: https://ieeesb.org

Kind regards,
Florian Tschorsch.

                              Call for Papers
The 4th IEEE Security and Privacy on the Blockchain Workshop (IEEE S&B 2020)
                       affiliated with EuroS&P 2020

June 19, 2020 in Genova, Italy
(post-conference workshops)


The fourth IEEE Security and Privacy on the Blockchain (S&B) workshop aims to
unite interested scholars as well as industrial members and practitioners
from all relevant disciplines who study and work in the space of blockchains.
We solicit previously unpublished papers offering novel contributions in both
cryptocurrencies and wider blockchain research. Papers may present advances in
the theory, design, implementation, analysis, verification, or empirical
evaluation and measurement of existing systems. Papers that shed new light on
past or informally known results by means of sound formal theory or through
empirical analysis are welcome. Suggested contribution topics include (but are
not limited to) empirical and theoretical studies of:

* Anonymity and privacy issues and measures to enhance them
* Applications using or built on top of blockchains
* Atomic Swapping
* Big Data and blockchain technology
* Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash protocol, other coins and extensions
  (cryptography, scripting/smart contract language etc.)
* Case studies (e.g., of adoption, attacks, forks, scams etc.)
* Censorship
* Consensus protocols for blockchains
* Cryptocurrency adoption and economic impact
* Cryptocurrency adoption and transition dynamics
* Decentralized Applications (Exchanges, Mining Pools, Trading Platforms)
* Adoption of blockchains in developing countries
* Economic and monetary aspects
* Economics and game theory of mining
* Forensics and monitoring
* Formal verification of Blockchain protocols and Smart Contracts
* Fraud detection and financial crime prevention
* Governance
* Identity, Identification and trust in blockchain systems
* Implications for existing business models
* Interfacing fiat and cryptocurrencies
* Intermediates in different industries and their future
* Internet of things (IoT) and blockchains
* Legal and policy implications of Smart Contracts
* Legal status of ICO/TGE
* Legal, ethical and societal aspects of (decentralized) virtual currencies
* New applications of the blockchain
* New business models for permissioned and permissionless blockchains
* Off-chain payment channels
* Peer-to-peer broadcast networks/topologies
* Permissioned (e.g. Hyperledger) and permissionless (e.g. Bitcoin)
* Privacy and anonymity-enhancing technologies
* Proof-of-work, and its alternatives (e.g., proof-of-stake, proof-of-burn,
  and virtual mining)
* Real-world measurements and metrics
* Regulation and law enforcement
* Relation to other payment systems
* Scalability and scalable services for blockchain systems
* Security of blockchains
* Smart Contract Programming Languages and VMs
* Transaction graph analysis
* Usability and user studies

This topic list is not meant to be exhaustive. S&B is interested in all
aspects of the blockchain research relating to security and privacy. Papers
that are considered out of scope may be rejected without full review. We
encourage submissions that are "far-reaching" and "risky."

## Systemization of Knowledge (SoK)

We solicit systematization of knowledge (SoK) papers that evaluate,
systematize, and contextualize existing knowledge, as such papers can provide
a high value to our community. Suitable papers are those that provide an
important new viewpoint on an established, major research area, support or
challenge long-held beliefs in such an area with compelling evidence, or present
present a convincing, comprehensive new taxonomy of such an area. Survey papers
without such insights are not appropriate. Submissions will be reviewed by the
full PC and held to the same standards as other submissions, except instead of
emphasizing novel research contributions the emphasis will be on value to the
community. Accepted papers will be presented at the workshop and can be
published in the proceedings like other submissions.

## Paper Submission

Submissions must not substantially overlap with works that have been published
or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with
proceedings. Submissions should use the LaTeX template provided on the website.
Short position papers may not exceed 4 pages total and full papers may not
exceed 10 pages, including references and appendices.

All submissions will be reviewed double-blind, and as such should not contain
author names, must be anonymous with no acknowledgments, affiliations, or
obvious references.

Direct your questions to the Program Chairs:
* Tim Ruffing <crypto at timruffing.de>
* Florian Tschorsch <florian.tschorsch at tu-berlin.de>

## Important Dates

Submission Deadline:     March 5, 2020 (no extension)
Acceptance notification: April 9, 2020
Camera-ready deadline:   April 22, 2020 (firm)

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