[PET] Facebook announces new research awards in privacy preserving technology

Sharon Ayalde sharon16 at fb.com
Mon Nov 18 11:46:15 GMT 2019

Dear PETS members,

Last week, we launched the first privacy-related request for proposals at the CCS conference banquet to all conference attendees in London. Titled Privacy Preserving Technology, this is the first in a series of privacy RFPs we plan to launch through 2020 to enhance and strengthen collaboration with academia.

More information about the research award can be found in this blog<https://research.fb.com/blog/2019/11/facebook-announces-new-research-awards-in-privacy-preserving-tech-at-ccs/>.  A direct link to the application page is here<https://research.fb.com/programs/research-awards/proposals/privacy-preserving-technologies-request-for-proposals/>.

Deadline is December 20th!

Looking forward to your proposals.


Sharon Ayalde | facebook
Research Operations and Academic Relations

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