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Cybersecurity For Europe 2019 Conference Announcement

1 November 2019, BRUSSELS

CyberSec4Europe is delighted to announce that its first major conference, Cybersecurity For Europe 2019, will take place at the Hôtel de Région in Toulouse from 13-15 November 2019.

CyberSec4Europe is one of the four large scale projects funded by the European Commission’s DG CNECT to pilot the key building blocks of the upcoming regulation, establishing a new European cybersecurity industrial, technology and research competence network and centre. It is exploring the means towards a better and more integrated European collaboration on cybersecurity, maintaining and protecting European values and liberties, such as privacy.

The three days of Cybersecurity For Europe 2019 present ideal opportunities for collaboration, conversation and networking with representatives from the European institutions, the Occitanie Region, the French Government, industry, academia as well as the wider cybersecurity community. Each of the four pilots will describe their progress to date, including potential synergies with each other as well as with the stakeholder community.

Cybersecurity for Europe 2019 represents a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of play in policy, research, and innovation in European cybersecurity, with discussions on the associated challenges and opportunities. The keynotes and panels will be clustered around key current and future cybersecurity topics including policy, governance, best practices and recommendations, providing ample scope for input and feedback.

With more than 8,000 research staff from over 100 research units, Toulouse is at the forefront of technological research, playing host to highly innovative companies like Airbus, Orange, Thales, Continental, and Groupe BPCE, among others. In particular, there are more than 3,000 cybersecurity professionals in the Occitanie region, which is partnering with CyberSec4Europe in the organisation of this event. Cybersecurity For Europe 2019 is organised locally by Université Paul Sabatier and the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT) in collaboration with the Occitanie Region.

Co-ordinator, Professor Dr. Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frankfurt, says: “Building a strong community is vital to ensure the security of the European digital single market and society. To that end, the CyberSec4Europe consortium is looking forward to welcoming to Toulouse as many stakeholders in the future of cybersecurity in Europe as possible, to this our first concertation event, including representatives from the other three pilot projects."

Security professionals wishing to attend free of charge can do so by registering on the conference website <https://cybersec4europe.sciencesconf.org/registration>.


About Cybersecurity For Europe 2019

To register for Cybersecurity For Europe 2019, please visit the conference website which also contains the conference agenda and programme of events:

Website: cybersec4europe.sciencesconf.org <https://cybersec4europe.sciencesconf.org/?forward-action=index&forward-controller=index&lang=en>
Twitter: #CybersecurityForEurope2019 <https://twitter.com/hashtag/CybersecurityForEurope2019?src=hashtag_click>
About Cyber Security for Europe (CyberSec4Europe)

CyberSec4Europe is a research-based consortium with 43 participants from 22 EU Member States and Associated Countries. As a pilot for a Cybersecurity Competence Network, it will test and demonstrate potential governance structures for the network of competence centres using the best practice examples from the expertise and experience of the participants, including concepts like CERN.

CyberSec4Europe will address key EU Directives and Regulations, such as the GDPR, PSD2, eIDAS, and ePrivacy, and help to implement the EU Cybersecurity Act including, but not limited to supporting the development of the European skills base, the certification framework and the role of ENISA.

CyberSec4Europe partners address 14 key cybersecurity domains, 11 technology/ application elements and nine crucial vertical sectors. With participation in over 100 cybersecurity projects amongst them, CyberSec4Europe partners have considerable experience addressing a comprehensive set of issues across the cybersecurity domain. The project demonstration cases will address cybersecurity challenges within the vertical sectors of digital infrastructure, finance, government and smart cities, health and medicine and transportation. In addition to the demonstration of the governance structure and the operation of the network, CyberSec4Europe will develop a roadmap and recommendations for the implementation of the Network of Competence Centres using the practical experience gained in the project.

CyberSec4Europe is funded by the European Union under the H2020 Programme Grant Agreement No. 830929.

CyberSec4Europe press and media contact:

David Goodman

david at trustindigitallife.eu <mailto:david at trustindigitallife.eu>
+44 7866 360 800

Twitter: @CyberSec4Europe <https://twitter.com/CyberSec4Europe>
Website: cybersec4europe.eu <http://cybersec4europe.eu/>
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