[PET] CFP: 2019 European Workshop on Security and Privacy in Edge Computing (EuroSPEC'19)

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EuroSPEC'19: 2019 European Workshop on Security and Privacy in Edge
Held in conjunction with EuroS&P 2019
Stockholm, Sweden -- June, 2019

Important Dates
Submission due:    March 1, 2019
Notification:      April 1, 2019
Camera-ready due:  April 22, 2019


Workshop introduction and topics

The main goal of Fog Computing and other related Edge paradigms, such as
Multi-Access Edge Computing, is to decentralize the Cloud and bring some
of its services closer to the edge of the network, where data are generated
and decisions are made. Cloud-enabled edge platforms will be able to
not only with each other but with the cloud, effectively creating a
collaborative and federated environment. This paradigm shift will fulfill
needs of novel services, such as augmented reality, that have particularly
stringent requirements like extremely low latency. It will also help
the vision of the Internet of Things by improving its scalability and
functionality, among other benefits.

To enable this vision, a number of platforms and technologies need to
coexist, including sensors and actuators, edge-deployed systems,
software-defined networks, hardware virtualization, data mining
mechanisms, etc. However, this paradigm shift calls for new security
challenges and opportunities to leverage services for new scenarios and
applications. The field of edge computing security is still largely
unexplored, and demands further attention from the research community and
industry in order to unleash the full potential of this paradigm.

Topics of Interest

This workshop expects original research papers on, but not limited to, the
topics described below:

* Edge devices security
* Attacks and Countermeasures to Edge computing platforms
* Authentication and Access control in Edge computing
* Accountability and Accounting in Edge computing
* Identity management systems in Edge computing
* Secure federation of Edge computing devices
* Secure Orchestration and Management of Edge devices
* Secure Software-Defined Networking for Edge computing
* Secure Virtualization in Edge Computing
* Secure Migration of resources in Edge Computing
* Data and Computation integrity in Edge Computing
* Trust and Reputation Management in Edge computing
* Privacy in Edge Computing
* Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems for Edge computing
* Digital Forensics in Edge Computing
* Risk Analysis in Edge Computing
* Incident Management in Edge Computing

Paper Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be made through EasyChair at:

Submissions must comply with the paper format requirements found in
https://www.ieee-security.org/TC/EuroSP2019/cfp.php. Failure to adhere
to the page limit and formatting requirements can be grounds for rejection.

It is planned that the proceedings of the workshop will be published through
IEEE Xplore in a volume accompanying the main IEEE EuroS&P 2019

Papers must be received by the aforementioned dates, 11:59 p.m. American
Samoa time (UTC-11).

Email:            eurospec19 at nics.uma.es
EuroSPEC Home: https://www.nics.uma.es/pub/eurospec19/

Organisation Committee

General Chair:

- Ruben RIOS (University of Malaga, Spain)

Program Chairs:

- Rodrigo ROMAN (University of Malaga, Spain)
- Roberto DI PIETRO (HBKU, College of Science and Engineering, Doha-Qatar)

Program Committee:

- Ketan BHARDWAJ, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
- Mauro CONTI, Universitá Degli Studi di Padova, Italy
- Aurélien FRANCILLON, Eurecom, France
- Jose M. DE FUENTES, UC3M, Spain
- Martin G. JAATUN, SINTEF Digital, Norway
- Donghyun KIM, Kennesaw State University, USA
- Flavio LOMBARDI, Roma Tre University of Rome, Italy
- Javier LOPEZ, University of Malaga, Spain
- Haralambos MOURATIDIS, University of Brighton, UK
- Jose A. ONIEVA, University of Malaga, Spain
- Fernando M.V. RAMOS, University of Lisbon, Portugal
- Pierangela SAMARATI, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
- Savio SCIANCALEPORE, HBKU (College of Science and Engineering), Qatar
- Juan E. TAPIADOR, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
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