[PET] Postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science (Security and Trust)

Ross James HORNE ross.horne at uni.lu
Tue Dec 3 09:55:58 GMT 2019

Dear colleague,

The University of Luxembourg offer a competitive postdoctoral research position in the area of security and trust. We encourage applications, in particular, from experts in formal methods applied to protocols; however we also encourage experts in other aspects of security, such as network security, to apply.

The successful candidate would be expected to both integrate into the SaToSS research group and stake out their own research direction.

Recent research in the SaToSS group includes: the formal analysis of distance bounding protocols (used to avoid relay attacks), the analysis of unlinkability vulnerabilities in e-passport protocols, the analysis of the impact of Sybils on anonymity in social networks, and cyber-security risk analysis using attack trees.

Start: Early 2020.
Apply here: https://tinyurl.com/suzxujp
More info on Euraxes: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/456305
and also the position also appears here: http://satoss.uni.lu/vacancies/

The University of Luxembourg is an equal opportunities employer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.


Dr. Ross Horne,
research associate, Computer Science, University of Luxembourg
ross.horne at uni.lu

Prof. Dr. Sjouke Mauw,
professor, SnT and Computer Science, University of Luxembourg
sjouke.mauw at uni.lu

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