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Dear all,

The usual apology for cross-posting but this may be of interest to  
some on the list.

Call for Papers CPDP2019 – Data Protection and Democracy

CPDP is an annual three-day conference devoted to privacy and data  
protection. The 12th edition of CPDP will be held on 30th January to  
1st February 2019 in Brussels. Whilst a number of speakers are  
specifically invited by the conference, several slots remain open to  
application through an annual call for papers. The CPDP2019 Call for  
Papers (http://www.cpdpconferences.org/callforpapers.html) is  
addressed to all researchers who wish to present their papers at the  
next Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference.

The call is split into two different tracks. The first is dedicated to  
experienced researchers (i.e. from postdoctoral researchers on), while  
the second welcomes PhD students and other junior researchers.  
Contributions are welcome from all disciplines with perspectives on  
the themes of the conference. The dual-track structure of the CPDP2019  
Call for Papers aims to meet the increasing interest of researchers –  
from all levels and from multiple disciplines – in CPDP and their  
expectations in terms of academic feedback and exchange. Please submit  
your contribution through the EasyChair conference system through the  
following link  

The overarching theme of the 2019 edition is “Data Protection and  
Democracy”. The entwinement between data analytics and democratic  
processes has been on the spotlight for the better part of the past  
two years.

 From political microtargeting through advertising platforms to voting  
systems’ security, from external influence over elections to ‘fake  
news’ and populism, both privacy and data protection have been shown  
to be fundamental for a healthy democracy. The GDPR has applied since  
May 25 and is expected to change how companies and governments handle  
personal information. Will the GDPR serve as a model for a new  
standard of data privacy around the world? Will the new data  
protection and privacy frameworks in Europe and elsewhere make a  
difference? Could they be effectively enforced? What is data  
protection beyond legislation? CPDP2019 will highlight data protection  
as a core element of a democratic society.
We welcome cutting edge papers in all areas related to technology,  
privacy, and data protection, but particularly invite submissions that  
fit the general conference theme.


The CPDP Scientific Committee invites papers in the fields of law,  
social sciences, philosophy and computer sciences (as well as other  
relevant fields). Multidisciplinary papers are particularly welcome.  
In particular, this call aims to reach researchers whose works relate  
to new technologies, privacy and data protection. Selected researchers  
will have the valuable opportunity to present their papers in the  
conference academic sessions. The main theme highlighted this year is  
“Data Protection and Democracy”, but we welcome any original topics  
related to the general themes of the conference and especially  
encourage interdisciplinary submissions.

Follow this link (http://www.cpdpconferences.org/archive.html) for  
more information about the topics presented at previous editions of  

In case of doubt regarding the suitability of a contribution for the  
conference, please contact Lorenzo Dalla Corte.  
(lorenzo.dallacorte at cpdpconferences.org).


Deadline for submissions: Sunday 1 October 2018 (23:59 CET).
Notification to authors: Monday 3 December 2018.

Papers accepted for presentation at the conference will go through a  
second round of reviews for inclusion in the conference book.


Ten books based on papers presented at previous CPDP conferences have  
already been published, and a 11th edition is currently in production:

Gutwirth, S., Y. Poullet, P. De Hert, C. de Terwangne, and S. Nouwt,  
eds. Reinventing Data Protection? Dordrecht: Springer, 2009.  

Gutwirth, S., Y. Poullet, and P. De Hert, eds. Data Protection in a  
Profiled World. Dordrecht: Springer, 2010. (www.springer.com)

Gutwirth, S., Y. Poullet, P. De Hert and R. Leenes eds. Computers,  
Privacy and Data Protection: an Element of Choice. Dordrecht:  
Springer, 2011. (www.springer.com)

Gutwirth, S., R. Leenes, P. De Hert and Y. Poullet, European Data  
Protection: In Good Health? Dordrecht: Springer, 2012.  

Gutwirth, S., R. Leenes, P. De Hert and Y. Poullet, European Data  
Protection:Coming of Age, Dordrecht: Springer, 2012. (www.springer.com)

Gutwirth, S., R. Leenes and P. De Hert, Reloading Data Protection:  
Multidisciplinary Insights and Contemporary Challenges. Dordrecht:  
Springer, 2014. (www.springer.com)

Gutwirth, S., Leenes, R. and P. De Hert, Reforming European Data  
Protection Law, Dordrecht: Springer, 2015. (www.springer.com)

Gutwirth, S., Leenes, R. and P. De Hert, Data Protection on the Move,  
Dordrecht: Springer, 2016. (www.springer.com)

Leenes R., Van Brakel R., Gutwirth, S., and P. De Hert, Computers,  
Privacy and Data Protection: Invisibilities & Infrastructures,  
Dordrecht: Springer. (www.springer.com)

Leenes R., Van Brakel R., Gutwirth, S., and P. De Hert (forthcoming)  
Data Protection and Privacy: The Age of Intelligent Machines, Oxford:  
Hart Publishing. (Hart Publishing)

Specific guidelines on the publication of the CPDP 2019 Book have been  
adopted. Please, visit this page  

Best wishes,

Camille on behalf of the CPDP2019 Programme Committee

Camille Van Puymbroeck

Communication & Community Manager
Privacy Salon and CPDP

Join us for the next edition of the CPDP conference on 30th January -  
1st February in Brussels:  http://www.cpdpconferences.org/

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