[PET] Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Assistant/Associate Professor) posts in Security and Privacy at KCL

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Mon Jan 22 11:01:25 GMT 2018

There are open some Lecturerships (Assistant Professor) and Senior Lecturerships (Associate Professor) posts at KCL:

Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity (data analysis) (P1) - https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=78472

Lecturer in Computer Science (Security) (P2) - https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=78470

Lecturer in Computer Science (Secure Cities) (P3) - https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=78468

Lecturer in Computer Science (Computational Finance and Security) (P4) - https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=78458

Lecturer in Computer Science (Human Factors and Security) (P6) - https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=78465

The deadline for the first four is *** 18 February 2018 ****


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