[PET] Survey for tor users

Sebastian Pape Sebastian.Pape at m-chair.de
Mon Jan 22 22:43:20 GMT 2018

Dear pet members,

my colleague David Harborth and I are researchers at Frankfurt
University, Germany. We are currently working for a project called
AN.ON-Next (https://www.anon-next.de) where we investigate different
anonymization services. One of the project's aims is to propose ideas
how anonymization technologies could be integrated in the internet's
infrastructure. For that purpose, we want to compare several services
and the corresponding perceptions of users about them. Tor is one of
these services we want to investigate with the help of an online survey.

There are 55 questions in this survey. We expect that it takes roughly
20min to answer them. We would appreciate if you could participate in
the survey.


thanks in advance and best regards,

Sebastian Pape
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