[PET] PhD and Postdoc opportunities at the Cluster of Excellence on Tactile Internet with Humans-in-the-loop

Thorsten Strufe strufe.pub at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 11 12:51:04 GMT 2018

We are currently offering 19 PhD and several postdoc positions in our
       *Centre for the Tactile Internet with Humans-in-the-Loop*
at TU Dresden (funded through the German National Excellence Strategy).

The vacant positions range from computer science (privacy, security,
dependable systems, vision, stochastic modeling) over electrical
engineering (networking, electronics) to psychology (computational
modeling, perception, skill acquisition, human-machine interaction) and
medicine (robot-assisted skill acquisition).

The exact details can be found at the official job posting here:
   https://bit.ly/2Gc9LcV [1]  or on our Web page at   https://ceti.one

The positions are fully funded. The candidates need to fulfill the
general requirements of TU Dresden (successful Master/Diploma from a min
5 year study programme at the university level in one of the respective
fields), have very good command of the English language, be flexible and
hardworking, and ready to work in very dynamic and international teams.
Providing the common application material (cover letter, a concise CV,
all transcripts of records, a brief research statement, references) will
significantly increase your chances to be chosen in the process.

Interested candidates are welcome to apply by an encrypted email to our
program office at positions at ceti.one , or by an encrypted rmail to the
speakers representing the different fields
(thorsten.strufe at tu-dresden.de for CS, frank.fitzek at tu-dresden.de for
EE, Shu-Chen.Li at tu-dresden.de for psychology and medicine). Applications
by snail mail are possible.

Please note that CeTI will also open assistant and full professor
positions within the next 12 months.

Don't hesitate to contact us at positions at ceti.one if any questions remain.

We are looking forward to your applications!

[1] shortened from:

Thorsten Strufe                      Chair for Privacy and Security
TU Dresden                                   https://tud.de/inf/ps/
CeTI                                              https://ceti.one/

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