[PET] Call for Contributions: 5th International Workshop on ​Genome Privacy and Security (GenoPri 2018)

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====================== Call for Contributions =====================

             5th International Workshop on ​Genome Privacy and Security
                           October 3 or 4 (TBC), 2018 - Basel, Switzerland

                                                  (GenoPri 2018)
                              Co-located with 6th GA4GH Plenary Meeting


​The 5th edition of the GenoPri workshop will foster new ideas and spirited
debates on all aspects of genome privacy and security. We are calling for
engaging and informative 10-15 minute talks on genome privacy, with each
talk to be followed by a 5-10 minute question period. Short, written talk
proposals should be submitted by June 20, 2018 via Easychair (see details
below). If accepted, the authors commit to present their work at the

*** Topics of Interest
.Access control for federated genomic networks
.Applications of differential privacy to the protection of genomic data
.Attacks on genome privacy
.Efficient cryptographic techniques for enhancing security/privacy of
genomic data
.Ethical and legal issues in genomics
.Experiences with fielding genomic privacy
.Federating identification and authorization across multiple data holders
.GDPR consent requirements: issues and challenges
.Interdisciplinary projects addressing security/privacy for
clinical/genomic data
.Privacy issues in transcriptomics and proteomics
.Privacy-preserving analysis and/or computation of genomic data
.Privacy-preserving Implementation experiences
.Privacy-preserving querying of genomic/clinical data
.Quantification of genome privacy
.(Re-)Identification attacks against anonymized/pseudonymized genomic data
.Representing data use constraints for access mediation
.Secure sharing of genomic data between different entities
.Security and privacy metrics for quantifying leakage of genomic data
.Standardizing researcher identity claims across a federated network
.User perceptions of genomic privacy issues

*** Who Could/Should Submit
We invite submissions from scholars, clinicians, activists, developers,
lawyers, ethics experts, public servants, and all around researchers in
computer science, life sciences, biology, bioinformatics, law, data
protection, ethics, public policy, and any others who can give a compelling
talk about genome privacy and security.
GA4GH and GenoPri attract world-renowned experts in this field: if you are
excited to give a talk to such a group, and you think they would be excited
to hear it, then you should submit.
Submission of proposals to  report previously published works are also

*** What to Submit
We invite two-page talk proposals (single-column, single-spaced, using 10pt
Times font and 1.8” margins) that give an overview of what you intend to
present, including any results or conclusions you intend to share. We
strive for engaging talks and focused discussions, and so proposals should
display exciting ideas that can be communicated clearly and with brevity.
Authors are welcome to link to additional sources of their work (e.g.,
software, videos, websites, papers) within their proposal. We will strive
to incorporate these additional sources into the review process, although
comprehensive review of material beyond what is contained in the submission
text is not guaranteed.
A proposal must include a title and a list of authors responsible for the
work to be presented, one of whom commits to give the talk. It must be no
more than two pages including references and submitted as a Word or PDF

*** Proceedings
GenoPri will have no official proceedings, but accepted submissions will be
made available on the GenoPri and GA4GH websites (authors may revise them
after acceptance). Authors may have the option to include talk-related
resources, such as slides or software, on the website. With speaker
consent, recordings of GenoPri talks may be made during the workshop and
put online.

*** How to submit:
Submissions should be made through Easychair:

*** Keynote Speakers:
Ewan Birney (European Bioinformatics Institute)
Gene Tsudik (University of California, Irvine)

*** Program Co-Chairs:
Dixie Baker, Martin, Blanck & Associates
Emiliano De Cristofaro, University College London
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