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Call for participation of 2018 iDASH Privacy and Security Competition

The growth of genome data and computational requirements overwhelm the
capacity of servers. Many institutions and the NIH are considering cloud
computing services as a cost-effective alternative to scale up research.
Privacy and security are major concerns when deploying cloud-based data
analysis tools. In the past few years, secure computation methods have had
significant performance improvement, but it is still not clear if they are
applicable to biomedical challenges involving big data. The goal of this
challenge is to evaluate the performance of state-of-the-art methods that
ensure rigorous data confidentiality during data analyses in a cloud
environment. We have three tracks this year:

1.    Blockchain-based immutable logging and querying for cross-site
genomic dataset access audit trial

2.    Secure parallel GWAS outsourcing using homomorphic encryption

3.    Secure search of DNA segments in large genome databases using MPC

To see more information, please visit our 2018 website at


The following is the important time points:

04/06/2018 Competition registration open
04/20/2018 Competition start (data release to registered teams)
08/31/2018 Solutions due
09/30/2018 Winners announced
10/15/2018 One day workshop
11/30/2018 Workshop paper submission due


2018 iDASH Privacy & Security Workshop organizers
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