[PET] Hiring Post-doc Researchers in Security and Cryptography

Thomas Gross thomas.gross at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Nov 7 13:19:27 GMT 2017

Hi there,

I’m hiring post-docs in security and applied cryptography.
They are about research in confidentiality-preserving security assurance.

Please distribute the advertisment below to people who may me interested.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Dr. Thomas Gross
Director of the Newcastle Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR)
Director of the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security (CCCS)
Reader, System Security, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University
thomas.gross at ncl.ac.uk; thomasgross at acm.org
Office: +44 191 208 8987;   Skype: thomas_r_gross

### About CASCAde ###
CASCAde (Confidentiality-Preserving Security Assurance) is an ambitious project to establish the capacity to certify complex data structures and system topologies, such that their security properties can be proven in zero-knowledge. This 5-year, €1.5m project is funded by a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. It involves a team of cryptography, system security and usable security researchers.

### Available Research Associate Positions ###
As part of CASCAde, the group of Dr. Thomas Gross is seeking two talented and enthusiastic post-doctoral research associates (RAs) either with PhD awarded or a PhD thesis about to be submitted. The suitable areas are in cryptography and system security.

The cryptography RA position aims at developing new digital signature primitives to certify graph data structures as well as efficient protocols to prove their properties to verifiers in zero-knowledge.

The system security RA position aims at researching the sound attestation of large-scale systems as well as the certification of their topologies and at developing a security assurance framework for virtualized infrastructures.

Good communication skills, strong skills in security/cryptography and a track record of peer-reviewed publications are essential. Experience with zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge, privacy-preserving signature schemes or trusted computing base.

### Research Environment ###
The Secure and Resilient Systems (SRS) group at Newcastle University in the UK covers a range of topics from cryptography over system security to human dimensions of cyber security. The group is part of the Newcastle Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. The Centre aims at “Protecting Society’s Fabric” with research in the security of critical infrastructures, secure design of security protocols and evidence-based methods for cyber security.

### Living in Newcastle ###
Newcastle is a vibrant city with an iconic quayside as well as easy access to the North Sea coast and areas of natural beauty, such as Northumberland, Hadrian’s Wall and the Lake District. The region of Newcastle<https://deref-gmx.net/mail/client/FV_ZXkJQtuc/dereferrer/?redirectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.newcastlegateshead.com%2F> has around one million inhabitants and a high quality of life<https://deref-gmx.net/mail/client/5SujiiU_w9U/dereferrer/?redirectUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Flife-style%2Fhealth-and-families%2Fnewcastle-best-ukcity-families-bring-children-london-worst-schools-low-crime-rates-a7738061.html>. Newcastle University is situated in the city center, about 20 minutes away from the beach, the train station and the airport. Newcastle International Airport offers convenient connections to most European countries and the USA.

### How to Apply ###
To apply follow the information at: https://vacancies.ncl.ac.uk
Advertisement: D87573R2 - Research Assistant/Associate in Security/Cryptography (ERC Starting Grant Confidentiality-Preserving Security Assurance)


Deadline: 5th of December 2017

For further information, contact Dr. Thomas Gross (thomas.gross at newcastle.ac.uk).
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