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The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) will be sponsoring a visioning activity on Sociotechnical Cybersecurity. As a part of this effort, the workshop organizing committee has released a call for white papers in order to both assist us in organizing the workshop and in selecting attendees. Authors of informative and well-crafted white papers may be invited to the Sociotechnical Cybersecurity workshop. Please submit your white paper (2-pages) by September 30, 2016 via email to scsinfo at cra.org.

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Subject: [PET] Workshop on Privacy: Recent Developments at the Interface between Economics and Computer Science

1 day Workshop on 28th October 2016 at Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences,  Cambridge


- Ian Schmutte (University of Georgia)
- Katrina Ligett (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and CALTECH)
- Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University)
- Laura Brandimarte (University of Arizona)
- Denis Nekipelov (University of Virginia) / Tatiana Komarova (London School of Economics)

Workshop Theme
Recent years have witnessed the tremendous growth in privacy research in economics, statistics and computer science. This workshop aims to highlight recent developments in privacy research at the intersection of those fields. It will bring together academics from different horizons: those working on the privacy issues in the handling of economic research data as well as those analysing how privacy affects the incentives and behaviour of economic agents. Privacy research in economics requires novel approaches that go beyond traditional techniques and incorporate ideas from statistics and computer science. The broad objective workshop is to provide an interactive environment to discuss and learn those ideas and approaches.

Deadline for applications: 30 September 2016

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