[PET] What Should the Fed Be Asking

L Jean Camp ljcamp at indiana.edu
Mon Sep 5 13:05:17 BST 2016

The role of a request for information is to set future agendas. In terms of
taking the time to write a statement, doing it *during* the rfc is the
right time. This is an unusually broad request, and is a concurrently
unusual opportunity to provide your thoughts to agenda-setting. If you wait
until there is a call for proposals, or worse even until there is potential
legislative action, it gets much harder.


This is a good opportunity to have consistent widespread comments about
undermining standards, or relationship between security & privacy.

It is an unusual opportunity to try to put privacy further up on the
federal agenda.

It is a low-friction low-cost chance to participate.

Prof. L. Jean Camp

Human-Centered Security

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