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Oltmann, Shannon M shannon.oltmann at uky.edu
Mon Mar 14 17:29:01 GMT 2016

Hello! I am conducting a new research project, interviewing people who use encryption for personal (non-work related) use. Please read more about the project below and contact me if interested in participating. Thanks for your time.

You are invited to take part in a research study about the use of encryption for hard drives and/or email.

The purpose of this study is to find out more about reasons people use encryption and to better understand all perspectives. Although you will not get personal benefit from taking part in this research study, your responses may help us understand more about why people use encryption and about different perspectives.

I would like to interview you about your perspective.

I hope to complete approximately 50 interviews, so your answers are important to me. Of course, you have a choice about whether or not to complete the interview, but if you do participate, you are free to skip any questions or discontinue at any time.

The interview will last 30-45 minutes. It will be performed over the telephone unless you request another format. With your permission, the interview will be audio recorded and later transcribed for analysis. Both the audio and the transcription will be stored in a locked filing cabinet or on an encrypted drive. There are no known risks beyond what is experienced in everyday life to participating in this study. Your response to the survey will be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law. When I write about the study you will not be identified.

Before you decide whether to accept this invitation to take part in the study, please ask any questions that might come to mind now. If you have questions about the study, please feel free to ask; my contact information is given below. If you have complaints, suggestions, or questions about your rights as a research volunteer, contact the staff at either the University of Kentucky Office of Research Integrity at 859-257-9428 or toll-free at 1-866-400-9428.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this important project.

Dr. Shannon M. Oltmann
Assistant Professor
School of Information Science
University of Kentucky
859-257-0788 or shannon.oltmann at uky.edu<mailto:shannon.oltmann at uky.edu>

Dr. Shannon M. Oltmann
Assistant Professor
School of Library & Information Science
College of Communication & Information
University of Kentucky
shannon.oltmann at uky.edu<mailto:shannon.oltmann at uky.edu>
320 Lucille Little Library
Lexington KY 40506
859-257-4205 (fax)

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