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It is a pleasure to introduce Genopri 2016 (3rd International Workshop on
Genome Privacy and Security) a community effort for promoting genome
privacy and security, which is held in conjunction with the American
Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2016 Fall Symposium on November 12
2016 at Hilton Chicago. It is also right after IDASH Security and Privacy
Workshop 2016 (which will be held on November 11 2016 in Chicago) Here are
some notes about this workshop,

·  Builds on the success of the 2014
<http://seclab.soic.indiana.edu/GenomePrivacy/> (held in conjunction with
PETS’14) and 2015 <http://genopri2015.weebly.com/> (held in conjunction
with IEEE S&P’15) editions.

·  Fosters research efforts aimed to understand and address all *privacy*
 and *security* issues prompted by progress in genomics

·  Brings together a highly *interdisciplinary* community involved in all
aspects of genome privacy and security research

·  Seeks submissions not only from the *Computer Science* and
*Bioinformatics* communities, but also from researchers and practitioners
studying the *Ethical*, *Legal*, and *Societal* issues with genomics

·  Will accept both *short *(4 pages) and *long *(10 pages) papers

·  Also solicits *position *papers and *systematization-of-knowledge* papers

·  Accepted papers will be invited to publish in a biomedical informatics

Please check out our website (http://www.genopri.org) for *topics*, *important
dates*, and *submission guidelines*. Thanks.


GenoPri'16 organizers
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