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                        Call for Participation

       1st Interdisciplinary Summer school on Privacy (ISP 2016)

              July 10-15, 2016, Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Theme: Addressing privacy in service architectures and the sharing economy

 	         http://www.pilab.nl/isp-summerschool-2016 <http://www.pilab.nl/isp-summerschool-2016>

The Privacy and Identity Lab (NL), CITP (Princeton), iMinds (BE), and Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) are  co-sponsoring the first interdisciplinary summer school on privacy in Nijmegan, the Netherlands, July 10-15, 2016. This is a intensive one-week academic post-graduate program that teaches privacy from technical, legal and social science perspectives. The goal of the summer school is to provide students with a solid background in the theory of privacy construction, modeling and protection from these three different perspectives. It also aims to help establish a first international network with peers and senior academics across these disciplines.

This year’s summer school will be dedicated to the topic of Addressing Privacy in Service architectures and the Sharing economy. The shift from shrink wrapped software to service oriented architectures as the building blocks of our digital infrastructure brings about changes in information flows, rights and experiences of users, and accountability of services. The sharing economy has risen to prominence with service architectures and has lead to a further collapse of concepts of consumer, producer, labor and citizenship. Combined, the sharing economy and service architectures serve to make it possible to leverage information flows to control the circulation of people and “things.” These developments have a great impact on the type of privacy problems that arise and the appropriate technical, legal and social means to address these problems.

Lecturers include:

- Solon Barocas (Princeton University), 

- George Danezis (UCL), 

- Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven / iMinds), 

- Lilian Edwards (University of  Strathclyde), 

- Seda Gürses (Princeton University), 

- Eleni Kosta (TILT - Tilburg University / PI.lab), 

- Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam), 

- Helen Nissenbaum (New York University) 

- Jo Pierson (Vrije Universiteit Brussel / iMinds)


The school lasts one week, with nine scheduled lectures (five morning lectures and four afternoon lectures) of two and a half hours each. The late afternoon / early evening is used for hands on working group sessions to study practical cases.

The school is held in a location that encourages dialogue and social interactions between both the staff and the students, both during lectures and in the evening. Staff (i.e. lecturers) are encouraged to stay at the summer school for the whole length of the school. The summer school is foremost aimed at PhD students from computer science, law and social sciences.


For all inquiries about the summer school please consult our website 

http://www.pilab.nl/isp-summerschool-2016 <http://www.pilab.nl/isp-summerschool-2016>
or contact Mrs. Irma Haerkens at info at pilab.nl <mailto:info at pilab.nl>
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