[PET] PhD ETH Zürich: Privacy-preserving Social Mining via Distributed Mobile Sensing

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Sat Jan 2 20:47:05 GMT 2016

The Professorship for Computational Social Science held by Professor Dr.
Dirk Helbing is announcing the following job opening:

Highly Motivated PhD Student to work on the Planetary Nervous System -
Privacy-preserving Social Mining via Distributed Mobile Sensing

The goal of this project is to introduce an alternative, more ethical
Big Data paradigm based on a truly decentralized and privacy-preserving
social mining services provided to citizens as a public good. Nervousnet
performs collective social measurements of human and environmental
activity using Internet of Things technologies. The PhD student is
expected to device social experiments for application domains such as
mobility in Smart Cities, traffic management, health systems, energy
efficiency or other. As a PhD student working in this project, you are
expected to design and engineer novel mechanisms for data collection,
data management and communication among mobile devices and embedded
systems. Adding functionality for an incentive and reputation system,
financial or market mechanisms would be also welcome. Some of the
challenges concern privacy, data quality, performance and
decentralization. The ideal candidate would have exceptional Java
programming skills for networking, mobile system programming and
application development (Android, iOS). Moreover, very good knowledge on
data science, distributed systems, computer networks and data structures
is required. Experience in the Spark platform, in AI or collective
intelligence is a plus. As a PhD student in the Computational Social
Science group of Prof. Dirk Helbing (http://www.coss.ethz.ch), you will
be working in a highly interdisciplinary and international research

Candidates should send their application materials online with attention
to ETH Zurich, Mr. Olivier Meyrat, Human Resources, CH-8092 Zürich in
one single pdf file (<5 MB), including a short motivational letter,
their CV and exam documents (A-levels, bachelor, master or diploma).
Review of applications will begin on February 1, 2015, and will continue
until the position is filled. The successful candidate is expected to
start working in Zurich around spring 2015. Applicants are requested to
submit their materials via the upload link as quickly as possible.
Applications via email cannot be considered.

Dirk Helbing’s Professorship of Computational Social Science at ETH
Zurich hosts a team bringing together physicists, mathematicians, as
well as computer, complexity and social scientists, to work on
fundamental scientific questions regarding socially interactive systems
using quantitative approaches. In particular, the team uses a
combination of formal modeling, computer simulation, data mining, and
behavioral experiments to understand the way our society works. Prof.
Helbing has initiated the FuturICT initiative
(www.futurict.eu<http://www.futurict.eu>) and the Nervousnet project
(nervousnet.info). Interest in the goals of these initiatives is a plus
(see the related webpages and social media channels). Related
literature: Dirk Helbing and Evangelos Pournaras, Build Digital
Democracy, Nature, Vol. 527, pp. 33-34, 2015 Evangelos Pournaras,
Izabela Moise and Dirk Helbing, Privacy-preserving Ubiquitous Social
Mining via Modular and Compositional Virtual Sensors, in the proceedings
of the 29th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information
Networking and Applications-AINA-2015, pages 332-338, Gwangju, South
Korea, March 2015


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