[PET] Postdoctoral fellow position in process tracing and privacy decisions for IoT

Alfred Kobsa kobsa at uci.edu
Thu Dec 15 21:18:01 GMT 2016

We have a 3 year postdoc position on a fascinating project on understanding privacy decisions in Internet of Things applications using process tracing.
The position is embedded within a larger project funded by NWO and NSF as part of the PRICE call. The full title of the project is “Using process tracing to improve household IoT users’ privacy decisions” and is a collaboration between TU/e – HTI group (PI: dr.ir. Martijn Willemsen) and two US partners: Clemson University (PI Dr. Bart Knijnenburg) and UC Irvine (PI Prof. Alfred Kobsa). The project will be carried out by a 3-year PostDoc (NL) and a PhD student (US).
We are looking for someone with a strong background in Judgment and Decision Making, process tracing and HCI.
More information at
http://jobs.tue.nl/nl/vacature/postdoctoral-fellow-%E2%80%9Cprocess-tracing-and-privacy-decisions%E2%80%9D-10-fte-289780.html <http://jobs.tue.nl/nl/vacature/postdoctoral-fellow-%E2%80%9Cprocess-tracing-and-privacy-decisions%E2%80%9D-10-fte-289780.html>
Applications can be made till Jan 1, 2017. The project will start early 2017.
Martijn Willemsen
EIndhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands
http://www.martijnwillemsen.nl/ <http://www.martijnwillemsen.nl/>
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