[PET] Speaker for session on PETs sought.

rjc at privacymaverick.com rjc at privacymaverick.com
Sat Apr 2 21:42:09 BST 2016

Dan Solove has given me a session at his upcoming Privacy and Security 
Forum (Washington, D.C. October 24th to the 26th). 
https://privacyandsecurityforum.com/ My session is entitled The Use of 
Privacy Enhancing Technologies. The audience is, while cognizant of 
privacy and security, mostly non-technical and non-academic. My goal is 
to showcase to them the possibilities of PETs and why they need to get 
their organizations involved.

Anil John, who is the Data Privacy Research Program Manager at DHS will 
be also be speaking.

Ideally, I'm looking for a non-technical speaker who has implemented a 
PET in a commercial/industrial setting. Someone who can showcase a PET 
working in practice and illustrate the benefits derived from that 
technology. If you're interested, please contact me directly at 
rjc at privacymaverick.com or add me on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/rjc06c 
and message me there.


Jason Cronk

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