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As we get closer to SOUPS we have many announcements and upcoming deadlines.

This email includes:
	Registration now open!
	Hotel block closes soon
	Student scholarships now available
	Posters due May 26
	Lightning talks and demos due May 26
	Workshop submissions due May 26

For more details and announcements like and follow our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/SOUPSconference <https://www.facebook.com/SOUPSconference>
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Registration is now open!
Early registration deadline is June 12th
For more information, fees, and online registration see: https://soups.ece.cmu.edu <https://soups.ece.cmu.edu/>
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If you plan to attend SOUPS 2015 and would like to take advantage of our discounted hotel rate, please make your reservation by May 22 (this might be slightly extended but won’t be available for long!). We also have a block of rooms in the Carleton dorms, which are very convenient and inexpensive. For details see http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/venue.php <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/venue.php>
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Thanks to a grant from NSF, SOUPS has scholarships available for students who attend US universities to travel to SOUPS! To apply for a scholarship, please complete our online application form by June 5, 2015. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-ag-GLmPnq9cYWN-AQDx36nRib6GIHD156XacQ_Ls3Y/viewform <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-ag-GLmPnq9cYWN-AQDx36nRib6GIHD156XacQ_Ls3Y/viewform>
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The deadline for submitting posters, lighting talks, demos, and workshop submissions to SOUPS 2015 is May 26th. The Symposium on Usable Security and Privacy (SOUPS) 2015 will take place in Ottawa, Canada on 22 July 2015. More information about SOUPS can be found here: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/ <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/>
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SOUPS will include a poster session with a best poster award. We seek poster abstracts (2 pages) describing recent or ongoing research or experience in all areas of usable privacy and security. We also welcome posters describing papers on usable privacy and security published at other venues in 2014 and 2015. Instead of the regular poster abstract, please submit the paper's title, abstract, full bibliographical citation, and a link to the published (official) version.

Poster submission deadline: May 26th, 2015, 5pm PDT
Notification of acceptance: June 9th, 2015
Poster submission details: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/cfp.php#posters <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/cfp.php#posters>
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SOUPS will include a session of 5-minute lightning talks on a variety of subjects relevant to usable security and privacy. Example topics might include emerging hot topics, preliminary research results, a research challenge that could benefit from feedback, a war story, ongoing research, a success, a failure, a future experiment, tips and tricks, a pitfall to avoid, etc. We are also seeking relevant demonstrations of visualizations, user interfaces, or interaction paradigms related to security and privacy for a demo session. Demo presentations will be 5-10 minutes long, and should convey the main idea of the interface and one or more scenarios or use cases. 

Lightning talk and demo submission deadline: May 26th, 2015, 5pm PDT (additional proposals will be accepted after the deadline if space remains)
Notification of acceptance: June 9th, 2015
Lightning talk and demo submission details: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/cfp.php#lightning <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/cfp.php#lightning>
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For the workshops, there are specific topic calls as listed below.

Workshop on Inclusive Privacy and Security (WIPS): Privacy and Security for Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/wips.php <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/wips.php>
Workshop on Usable Security and Privacy Education: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/ws-education.php <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/ws-education.php>
2nd Annual Privacy Personas and Segmentation (PPS) Workshop: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/pps.php <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/pps.php>
More specific information about each workshop and the submission requirements can be found at the individual workshop links given above. All three workshops have common submission and notification dates as shown below:
Submission deadline (all three workshops): May 26th, 2015, 5pm PDT
Notification of acceptance (all three workshops): June 9th, 2015, 5pm PDT
Camera-ready papers due (all three workshops): June 20th, 2015, 5pm PDT
In addition to these workshops, SOUPS will also be running a tutorial "Examining Cybercrime through multiple lenses." More information about this tutorial is available here: http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/cybercrime.php <http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2015/cybercrime.php>

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