[PET] CFP: ENISA Annual Privacy Forum 7 & 8 October 2015 in Luxemburg

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Thu Mar 5 17:38:56 GMT 2015

ENISA has just announced the conference Annual Privacy Forum which will
be held in Luxembourg this year on 7 and 8 October.

Submission of full papers: May 15, 2015

They invite papers containing original work on topics including:

•     Building privacy by design and by default

•     Cryptography for privacy

•     Identity management and privacy

•     Location and mobility privacy

•     Privacy and inference control in databases

•     Privacy-friendly data correlation and migration techniques

•     Privacy technologies attacks

•     Privacy-enhanced access control and authentication/certification

•     Privacy-friendly biometrics

•     Privacy-friendly payment mechanisms for PETs and other services

•     Privacy in online social networks

•     Privacy, surveillance and cyber security

•     Online privacy tools (anonymity support, anti-tracking)

•     Privacy in sensor-based networks

•     Privacy and big data

•     Profiling and scoring techniques

•     Privacy policy languages and tools

•     Anonymization and pseudonymization

•     Reputation systems

•     Reliability, robustness and abuse prevention in privacy systems

•     Traffic analysis

•     Economics of privacy and PETs

•     Transparency- and awareness- enhancing tools

•     Usability issues and user interfaces for PETs

•     Teaching about privacy and PETs

•     Accountability

•     Privacy and non-discrimination

•     Legal privacy issues

•     Psychological and sociological privacy issues.

We particularly invite papers that make it explicit how the presented
work can contribute to bridging the gap between research and policy, as
well as multidisciplinary papers regarding the technological, legal and
societal aspects of privacy.  State of Knowledge papers (surveys) are
also invited.

Moreover, in order to also encourage contributions from policy makers,
representatives of competent authorities (such as Data Protection
Authorities), industry experts, NGOs and civil society associations, we
invite opinion papers from all stakeholders on the above mentioned
topics. Opinion papers will reflect the opinion/position of the
author(s) on the selected privacy-related topic.

In addition to the presentation of the accepted contributions, APF15
will host a special session aimed at bringing together legal and
technical approaches on specific practical privacy issues. This session
will present current topics in privacy with a view to the expertise and
questions of practitioners such as data controllers and Data Protection
Officers. In addition to invited speakers, we aim at selecting
appropriate highlights from the paper sessions for this training
session; we therefore invite paper authors to indicate (if applicable)
their interest in contributing to this session.

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