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Adam Shostack adam at shostack.org
Mon Mar 2 16:31:56 GMT 2015

Please note that this is in a couple of weeks. 
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DARPA has announced a proposers day for a new program, BRANDEIS, aimed at
privacy technologies:

Privacy is critical to a free society. As Louis Brandeis expounded in 1890, the
right to privacy is a consequence of understanding that harm comes in more ways
than just the physical. He was reacting to the ability of the new
“instantaneous camera” to record personal information in new ways. Since then,
the ability of technology to collect and share information has grown beyond all
expectation, and what we’ve discovered as a society is that this is both a good
and a bad thing.  
The ability to analyze large amounts of aggregated personal data can help
businesses optimize online commerce, medical workers address public health
issues, and governments interrupt terrorist activities. However, numerous
recent incidents involving the disclosure of data have heightened society’s
awareness of the vulnerability of private information within cyberspace.
Moreover, there is so much data that it is currently infeasible for individuals
or enterprises to control it in a meaningful way with the information
technologies available today. The White 
House has made cybersecurity a priority and has launched numerous initiatives
to enable the safe and effective sharing of information to increase the
nation’s ability to protect itself and to thwart any adversary’s ability to
shut down our networks, steal trade secrets or invade the privacy of Americans.
The Brandeis program seeks to develop the technical means to protect the
private and proprietary information of individuals and enterprises. 
The purpose of the Brandeis Proposers’ Day is threefold: 
To familiarize participants with DARPA’s interest in the area of revolutionary
advances in privacy science or systems; 
To identify potential proposers and promote understanding of the anticipated
Brandeis BAA proposal requirements; and 
To provide an opportunity for potential proposers to submit questions to DARPA
and receive answers.

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