[PET] I2PCon in Toronto, Canada 2015

echelon echelon at i2pmail.org
Tue Jul 28 22:00:55 BST 2015


I2PCon is the first event of its kind. It has two short term goals.
Where the first one is to provide the general public with an event where
knowledge about privacy and privacy concerns can be obtained. The second
goal is to further the I2P project and its community. This will take the
shape of technical discussions about cryptography, anonymity and I2P
centric topics.

There is a larger and more long-term goal of this event, and it is to
build a commnutiy of privacy-conscious individuals. By connecting people
who recognize the importance of privacy, we would like to provide a
forum where this community can grow.

The idea for this event was first spawned by our wonderful friends at
Toronto Crypto. The venue and everything relating to it is provided by
Hacklab. Without either of them this event would not have been possible,
so thank you both.

Read more about it on:


(on behalf of the I2P team)

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