[PET] tlscompare.org - for more TLS in HTTP

Martin Mulazzani martin.mulazzani at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 12:25:56 BST 2015

Hi all!

Yesterday we launched a new and improved version of https://tlscompare.org.

Please help us to verify our data by comparing some websites, and spread
the word. It's as easy as it gets: If you use HTTPSEverwhere, please
disable it - then go to https://tlscompare.org, and click compare.
Rinse, repeated, and klick some more.

What is this website: Long story short, we crawled webpages on port 80
and 443, and created HTTPSEverywhere rules for upgrading HTTP
connections to HTTPS for ~ 200k domains from the Alexa Top Million where
the websites seemed similar. Now we need humans to assess wether rules
for HTTPSEverywhere would make sense or not. We added an expert mode for
people who know what "misc content" or an 404 error is, this allows for
collecting detailed results. We also have three different datasets
available which need to be evaluated, e.g. the "Existing rules" were
generated from the current rules of HTTPEveryhwere xml files (where all
pages should be equal ideally).

Thx, Martin

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