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Call for participation:

*2nd International Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security (GenoPri 2015)*

A Workshop of the 36th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

Whern: May 21, 2015

Where : The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA

Web: http://genopri.org


Over the past several decades, genome sequencing technologies have evolved
from slow and expensive systems that were limited in access to a select few
scientists and forensics investigators to high-throughput, relatively
low-cost tools that are available to consumers.  A consequence of such
technical progress is that genomics has become one of the next major
challenges for privacy and security because (1) genetic diseases can be
unveiled, (2) the propensity to develop specific diseases (such as
Alzheimer’s) can be revealed, (3) a volunteer, accepting to have his
genomic code made public, can leak substantial information about his ethnic
heritage and the genomic data of his relatives (possibly against their
will), and (4) complex privacy issues can arise if DNA analysis is used for
criminal investigations and medical purposes.

As genomics is increasingly integrated into healthcare and "recreational"
services (e.g., ancestry testing), the risk of DNA data leakage is serious
for both individuals and their relatives. Failure to adequately protect
such information could lead to a serious backlash, impeding genomic
research, that could affect the well-being of our society as a whole. This
prompts the need for research and innovation in all aspects of genome
privacy and security, as suggested by the non-exhaustive list of topics


*May 20*
18:00-20:00 Symposium/Workshops Bridging Reception and Birds of a Feather

*May 21*
*7:30-8:30 Breakfast*

*8:30-8:40 Opening Remarks*

*8:40-9:20 Cryptographic Approaches to Privacy*

   - Efficient Secure Outsourcing of Genome-wide Association Studies
   - *Wenjie Lu, Yoshiji Yamada and Jun Sakuma*

   - Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis by Exact Logistic Regression
   *David Du Verle, Shohei Kawasaki, Yoshiji Yamada, Jun Sakuma and Koji

*9:20-10:20 Tutorial: *Lucilla Ohno-Mochado (UC San Diego)

*10:20-10:50 Coffee Break*

*10:50-11:30 Emerging Applications and Opportunities*

   - Passing go with DNA sequencing: Delivering messages in a covert
   transgenic channel
   *Ji Yong Chun, Hyelim Lee and Ji Won Yoon*

   - Privacy Threats and Practical Solutions for Genetic Risk Tests
   *Ludovic Barman, Mohammed-Taha Elgraini, Jean Louis Raisaro, Erman Ayday
   and Jean-Pierre Hubaux*

*11:30-12:30 Measuring Genome Privacy*

   - Quantifying Genomic Privacy via Inference Attack with High-Order SNV
   - *Sahel S. Samani, Zhicong Huang, Erman Ayday, Mark Elliot, Jacques
   Fellay, Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Zoltan Kutalik*

   - One Size Doesn't Fit All: Measuring Individual Privacy in Aggregate
   Genomic Data
   *Sean Simmons and Bonnie Berger*

   - Genomic Privacy Metrics: A Systematic Comparison
   *Isabel Wagner*

*12:30-13:30 Lunch*

*13:30-14:30 Keynote: *Kathy Hibbs (Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer at

*14:30-15:10 Policy, Law, and Genomic Privacy *

   - Genomic Privacy and Direct-to-Consumer Genetics
   *Andelka Phillips*

   - Seeking a “Race to the Top” in Genomic Cloud Privacy
   *Mark Phillips, Bartha M. Knoppers and Yann Joly*

*15:10-15:40 Coffee Break*

*15:40-17:10 Panel *(Moderator: Xiaoqian Jiang)

*17:10-17:20 Closing Remarks*


*Program Co-Chairs *(genopri2015 at easychair.org)

Emiliano De Cristofaro, *University College London*

Bradley Malin, *Vanderbilt University*

*General Chair *(genopri at gmail.com)

Xiaoqian Jiang, *UC San Diego*

*Steering Committee*

Ellen Wright Clayton,* Vanderbilt University*
Jean-Pierre Hubaux (*chair*), *EPFL*
Lucila Ohno-Machado, *UC San Diego*
Amalio Telenti, *Human Longevity, Inc.*
XiaoFeng Wang, *University of Indiana, Bloomington*
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