[PET] Call for Talks: Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies - due April 24th

A. Johnson aaron.m.johnson at nrl.navy.mil
Wed Apr 1 21:06:19 BST 2015

Dear PETS,

The 8th Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (HotPETs 2015) is currently accepting proposals for talks on new ideas and results in privacy-enhancing technologies. HotPETs will be held on July 2nd, the day after the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS), in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The proposals need only be two pages, and the submission deadline is April 24th, 2015. For more information, see <https://www.petsymposium.org/2015/hotpets.php>.

Note that this year is a format change from previous years. We are only requesting short talk proposals, rather than papers, and they will be evaluated by the (three) PC chairs, rather than by a large PC committee. Some reasons for this change are to encourage more diversity in talks, to attract more works in progress, and to reduce confusion between PETS (a conference with proceedings) and HotPETs (a workshop without proceedings).

We hope to see many HotPETs talks from members of the PETS community!

co-chair, HotPETs 2015

Aaron Johnson, Ph.D.
Computer Scientist
Formal Methods Section
Center for High Assurance Computer Systems
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

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