[PET] Special Session on "non-standard" digital signatures, CISIS 2015

david arroyo david.arroyo at uam.es
Sun Dec 21 10:42:30 GMT 2014

CISIS15-SS01: *Digital identities management by means of non-standard
digital signatures schemes*, Inter. Conf. on Computational Intelligence in
Security for Information Systems
Burgos (Spain), 2015
Deadline: *24th January, 2015*
CFP: http://cisis.usal.es/sites/default/files/10/CISIS15-SS01.pdf

The adequate combination of authentication and authorization procedures is
of major relevance in the current technological scenario. Traditionally,
authentication has been addressed by password based mechanisms or through
the development of Public Key Infrastructures. Among other possibilities,
authorization can be handled through Access Control Lists  and federated
authentication and/or authorization schemes. Nevertheless, the emergence
and dominance of distributed systems and cloud computing platforms make
necessary to create new methods to associate digital identities to users
and to grant them access to shared information assets without eroding
specifics commitments as anonymity, pseudo-anonymity, and non-traceability.
In this special session we tackle the concretion of proper

ccounting by means of *non-standard *digital signatures as ring and group
signatures, identity based cryptography and certificateless signatures,
blind and partially blind signatures, multisignatures, signencryption, etc.
The goal of this session is to show how to apply these cryptographic
primitives to define different trust domains endorsing the large variety of
Authorization-Authentication-Accounting scenarios in modern Information and
Communication Technology.

With best regards,
David Arroyo
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