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Michael Backes backes at mpi-sws.org
Wed Dec 10 10:54:47 GMT 2014

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Dear PET list members,

Starting 2015 the Information Security & Cryptography Group at Saarland 
University, Germany, has several open positions for postdocs and we are 
looking forward to your application.

Our major current research focus is on the recently awarded ERC Synergy 
Grant imPACT, which aims at providing foundations for privacy, 
accountability, compliance and trust in the Internet of the Future, 
including cutting-edge methods and tools for assessing and enhancing 
customer privacy.

You have the chance to work at one of Europe's top sites for IT security 
and privacy research, in the beautiful region between Germany, France 
and Luxembourg with a high quality of life. Postdocs are paid employees 
of Saarland University. Salary and employment conditions are attractive.

We encourage the application of outstanding PhDs in computer science or 
IT security, who would like to work with us in the field of next 
generation privacy techniques. The positions start from February 1, 2015 
or later and are funded for two years, with a possible extension by one
year. We solicit applications by January 15, 2015, but we will consider 
applications until the positions are filled. Applications should include a 

curriculum vitae, a brief description of research interests, three 
selected own publications, and, if available, letters of recommendation.

Applications and informal inquiries should be sent to Michael Backes at 
the following email address: 
application-erc at mail-infsec.cs.uni-saarland.de

Further information:
Center for IT Security, Privacy and Accountability - http://cispa.saarland
Information Security & Cryptography Group - 
ERC Synergy Grant imPACT - http://www.impact-erc.eu

  Michael Backes
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