[PET] Workshop on Privacy, Personalization, and (Intelligent) User Interfaces now accepting submissions! (deadline: Jan 16)

Bart Knijnenburg bart.k at uci.edu
Fri Dec 5 21:08:46 GMT 2014

***Workshop on Privacy, Personalization, and (Intelligent) User Interfaces now accepting submissions! (deadline: Jan 16)***

The Workshop on Privacy, Personalization, and (Intelligent) User Interfaces (PPIUI) will be held in conjunction with IUI on March 29 or April 1 (TBD), 2015, in Atlanta, GA. The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2015.

Additional information and paper submission instructions are available at http://bit.ly/ppiui <http://bit.ly/ppiui>

The workshop invites submissions on architectural, algorithmic, and interactive solutions that can support privacy-preserving intelligent user interfaces. Additionally, we invite papers that investigate how users of information systems (not just intelligent systems) interact with privacy-settings interfaces and make decisions about privacy. Such behavioral analyses can be used to make intelligent privacy-settings user interfaces that simplify privacy decision through privacy recommendations. Work that describes, implements, or tests such intelligent user interfaces is particularly welcome.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
- Algorithmic solutions to IUI privacy
- Architectural solutions to IUI privacy
- Interactive solutions to IUI privacy
- Descriptions or evaluations of privacy-settings user interfaces
- Descriptions or evaluations of intelligent privacy-settings user interfaces
- Measurement and analysis of privacy behaviors
- Privacy prediction / personalization
- Surveys of privacy problems in the field of IUI
- PPIUI solicits full research papers (4-10 pages) and position statements (up to 3 pages).

Organizing committee:
- Bart Knijnenburg (University of California, Irvine)
- Shlomo Berkovsky (CSIRO, Australia)
- Pamela Wisniewski (The Pennsylvania State University)
- Eran Toch (Tel Aviv University)
- Arik Friedman (NICTA, Australia)
- Norman Sadeh (Carnegie Mellon University)

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