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Julien Freudiger julien.freudiger at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 17:14:24 GMT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Since January 2013, we started hosting a "Privacy Lunch" at
PARC roughly once a month. We invite you to attend, give a talk, and

The Privacy Lunch is an informal gathering of privacy researchers hosted at
PARC, typically on a Thursday 11am-1pm. It features an invited speaker, an open
audience, and free refreshments (yes!).

There are few open venues for the privacy community to discuss latest
privacy developments across industry and academia. Young and senior
researchers alike can benefit from sharing points of view on novel
technologies and notoriously hard privacy problems.

Check out the official web page:  http://www2.parc.com/csl/privacy-lunch/
and mailing list:  privacy-lunch at parc.com
Join the list by emailing: edc at parc.com with subject "subscribe

We expect the Privacy Lunch to involve researchers from Bay Area
labs as well as nearby Universities. If you are not located in the Bay Area
but planning a visit, do not hesitate to join/contact us if you'd like to
give a talk.

After talks by Prateek Mittal (UC Berkeley) and Apu Kapadia (Indiana
University), in the next few months, we are excited to announce that we
will host speakers such as Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven), Lorrie Faith Cranor
(CMU), and Jonathan Petit (University of Twente and UC Berkeley)!

Privacy is dead, long live privacy!

-Julien Freudiger
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