[PET] PET ontology

Ivan Szekely szekelyi at ceu.hu
Sun Mar 3 20:35:43 GMT 2013

A few suggestions:

Herbert Burkert, "Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: Typology, Critique,
Vision", in Philip E. Agre and Marc Rotenberg (eds.), Technology and
Privacy: The New Landscape, MIT Press, 1998.

van Blarkom, Borking & Olk, Handbook of Privacy and Privacy-Enhancing
Technologies, 2003,

Simone Fischer-Hübner, IT-security and privacy: design and use of
privacy-enhancing security mechanisms, Springer 2011.

Yang Wang and Alfred Kobsa, Privacy/ENhancing Technologies,


>>> "R. Jason Cronk"  03/02/13 7:18 PM >>>
              Does anybody have a categorization of various types of
PETs and    their relation to preserving privacy?
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