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Hannes Tschofenig hannes.tschofenig at gmx.net
Tue Sep 11 10:15:13 BST 2012

Hi Jason, 

In the early days of the work on PETs there was some expectation raised that some technology would (magically) solve many of the privacy problems. 

By now we know that this is not true.

So, I was wondering what specifically you had in mind in your talk. 

I could imagine that it makes sense to talk about technologies that happen to be quite important for privacy but unfortunately they are very boring for most people otherwise. For example, TLS is probably the most successful technology from a privacy point of view. 

Permission / consent dialogs are relevant for identity management systems (particularly those that use OAuth).  

For communication systems (like instant messaging, social networks, VoIP systems) there are authorization mechanisms that offer certain privacy protection. 

I fear that most privacy issues are quite subtle and very specific to certain applications.


On Sep 6, 2012, at 5:35 PM, R. Jason Cronk wrote:

> Is anybody interested in working with me to give a talk on PETs to a business/legal crowd at the IAPP global privacy summit next march?
> It is imperative that PETs receive much broader support in the business community, so I'm trying to put together an Intro to PETs talk. I'm either looking to do an interactive 90 minute session or a more hands on pre-conference workshop.  
> You should be 
> 1) a good and confident public speaker-
> 2) be able to talk about the technology but in a way that business/legal types can understand
> 3) be able to commit to attend, without compensation, the conference in March in D.C. 
> Please contact me as I have to submit the speaking proposal by September 21st
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