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Ivan Szekely Szekelyi at ceu.hu
Mon Mar 5 12:47:57 GMT 2012

Dear Colleagues,
Some of you may remember that a team of young researchers - my colleagues - at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics developed a cross-browser fingerprinting system in order to demonstrate the weaknesses of the most popular browsers. Taking Panopticlick's idea as a starting point, they developed a new, browser-independent fingerprinting algorithm and started to build a system-fingerprint database for further analysis. The description of the method and the analysis of the fingerprints can be read at http://pet-portal.eu/articles/view/37/2012-02-20-User-Tracking-on-the-Web-via-Cross-Browser-Fingerprinting.php (the site is tri-lingual, if other language articles appear on your screen, click on the English flag)
By now the team has developed a new version of the fingerprinting system and is working on an effective method to prevent fingerprinting. In order to fine-tune the defense against fingerprinting, my colleagues need your feedback. Please click on http://fingerprint.pet-portal.eu , make a few tests and share your comments and suggestions with the developers.
The public presentation of the defense method is expected by the end of March. In parallel, a student contest has been announced to find alternative methods against system fingerprinting. By the end of March the solution proposed by the students will also be made public.
Thank you for your clicks in advance,
Ivan Szekely
OSA Archivum
(Open Society Archives 
at Central European University)
1051 Budapest, Arany Janos u. 32.
Tel.: +36 1 327-3250
Fax: +36 1 327-3260
e-mail: szekelyi at ceu.hu

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