[PET] anonymous messaging via vibe?

Seda Guerses sguerses at esat.kuleuven.be
Fri Oct 14 11:12:10 BST 2011

anybody know anything about what the developers of vibe mean when they say "vibe sends anonymous messages"? is there something more reasonable out there currently?


The mobile app 'Vibe' that lets its users broadcast anonymous messages* to
those nearby* has become an organizing tool of the Occupy Wall Street

"It is anonymous, but that's not to say someone with access, a phone company
or the police, isn?t listening in on what?s being posted,? creator Hazem
Sayed said. "We just don't collect any information around the people who are
posting or require them to give us their phone number."

Vibe download page:

*Occupy the Web Hackathon*
> From http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2325537746/efbnen :

There's a movement growing across this country. Thousands of people are
saying that they've had enough of Wall St, DC, and an economy that only
works for 1% of us.

To support and expand this movement, we're organizing a last minute
hackathon. *Our goal is to get a room full of programmers, designers,
artists and anyone else who's interested, all working on hacks and tools to
make the movement stronger. *

We'll kick things off Friday night with some overviews of whats happening
and form teams. We'll finish Saturday evening with presentations.

Few other notes:

  - To keep things grounded, we're reaching out to various occupations
  across the country to get  a wishlist of what they'd like built. We'll also
  have a few folks from various campaigns and organizations there to give you
  more insight in what will be useful.
  - There's no prize money here. This is being organized by a group of
  volunteers. But, at the end of the day on Saturday, we'll have presentations
  and vote on an audience favorite.
  - We're doing this fast and with not a lot of resources. If you'd like to
  help out, please contact us at occupyhack at gmail.com. We could use help
  with promoting the event and logistics during the day.
  - If you've got an API or dataset that you think could be helpful, please
  contact us at occupyhack at gmail.com. If you'd like to sponsor the event,
  we'd love to hear from you too ;)

Ground Rules:

  - Everything made should be open source
  - No black hat (ie we're hacking to support #occupywallst, not hacking
  Wall St ;)

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