[PET] FW: IPSI Research Day - Proportionate Digital ID + Video Surveillance

Rhonda Sussman rhonda.sussman at utoronto.ca
Tue Jun 14 14:10:22 BST 2011


IPSI Research Day - Proportionate Digital ID + Video Surveillance

Time:        Monday June 20, 10AM-4:15PM.
Location:  University of Toronto, Faculty of Information, Bissell Building, 140 
St George Street, Room 728
Sponsor:  Identity Privacy and Security Institute (IPSI)

This is a free, open, public workshop.

Lunch is provided for registrants. To register, contact the local organizer, 
Eleonore Fournier-Tombs, confirming lunchtime attendance by noon, Friday, 
June 17. email: eleonore.fourniertombs at utoronto.ca 

The focus of this year's IPSI Research Day is on two research projects dealing 
respectively with:
 - an experimental, minimally disclosing digital ID wallet we refer to as 
Proportionate ID
 - a study of private sector video surveillance installations and signage in 
relation to PIPEDA compliance we refer to as Smart Private Eyes

Both projects have been funded by the federal Office of the Privacy 
Commissioner. For further details, see the links below.

This workshop is intended to present provocative works in progress and 
promote lively discussion reflecting a variety of perspectives around 
contemporary technological design and policy development issues. 

Program for the day:

10:00	Welcome
		Introduction to the Proportionate ID project
		The challenge of smartphones for ID transactions
		Video presentation on Proportionate ID prototypes
		Privacy protective ID card overlays
		Digital ID Wallet prototype demonstration
11:00	Break
11:15	Expert Discussant comments
		Open discussion

12:30	Lunch (provided for registrants)

1:30		Introduction to the Smart Private Eyes project
		Field survey of private sector video surveillance 
installations in the GTA
		PIPEDA compliance of video surveillance operations and 
		Video Analytics and Facial De-identification/anonymization
		Innovative private sector developments
2:45		Break
3:00		Expert Discussant comments
		Open discussion
4:15		Close

Presenters: Andrew Clement, Roxanna Dehghan, Joseph Ferenbok, Eleonore 
Fournier-Tombs, Laura Kaminker, Brenda McPhail, Grant Patten, Gabriel Resch, 
Alex Tichine, Silvia Valdman, Jennette Weber.


Proportionate ID: 

Smart Private Eyes:

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