[PET] Negative Results in Security and Privacy

Cat Okita cat at reptiles.org
Sun Jun 5 15:31:41 BST 2011

On Sat, 4 Jun 2011, Steven Bellovin wrote:
> I strongly support such a notion.  One problem we have in the computer
> security in general (and, I suspect, in many other fields) is that we
> don't know what doesn't work.  As a result, people spend a lot of time
> and energy reinventing the square wheel.

I absolutely agree that it'd be great to discuss (and publish about) things
that we know don't work for computer security.

IMO, This also leads off into the general craft knowledge problem.

How do we take the computer security/field-specific "everybody knows", and 
push that outwards, so that related work in different fields (IIRC, the early
SIDR/rpsec work on securing Internet routing is a fine example of this) 
doesn't waste time re-inventing wheels with corners.

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