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Kai Rannenberg Kai.Rannenberg at m-chair.net
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Dear PET community,

It is sad but inevitably true: Andreas Pfitzmann, the head of the privacy and data security group at Technische Universität Dresden, died on September 23, 2010, at the much too young age of 52. You find 2 links here:


Andreas was the initiator and supporter of many PET related activities including the PET Symposium, the EU PRIME and PrimeLife projects, Java Anon Proxy and JonDo, and several activities in the German Gesellschaft für Informatik. He was also a member of IFIP WG 11.4 (Network & Distributed Systems Security).

Andreas will be greatly missed not only by relatives, friends, and colleagues, but certainly also by the privacy community at large. He  was an enthusiastic and thorough researcher capable of disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary work and an impressive person.

I trust the PET Symposium officers will find more appropriate ways to remember him, his ideas and his ideals but felt some information needed to get out now.

Yours sincerely


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