[PET] System fingerprint identifies you even in private mode

Ivan Szekely szekelyi at ceu.hu
Thu Sep 16 20:30:22 BST 2010

Dear All,

My colleague, Gabor Gulyas PhD student recently publicized a test, which
shows that a "system fingerprint" generated from various data of your
system can individually identify the user even after deleting browser
and flash cookies, or using private mode. The idea was inspired by the
"browser fingerprint" of the Panopticlick project, however, this
solution uses system information and does not need any plugins.

More about the technique: http://tinyurl.com/fingerprint-intl where you
can test your own system fingerprint, too.

Please note that the link points to a page of the current (Hungarian
language) PET Portal and Blog but in a few weeks the already heralded
International PET Portal and Blog will be fully operational and the link
will be redirected there.


Ivan Szekely

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