[PET] Call for Participation: Workshop on "Privacy in ITS Applications" - Co-located with PETS 2010

Frank Kargl f.kargl at utwente.nl
Thu Jun 3 11:04:52 BST 2010

Dear ML subscribers,

I would like to draw your interest to a one-day workshop preceding this year's PET 2010 Symposium in Berlin:

Workshop on "Privacy in ITS Applications"
20 July 2010, Berlin
Co-located with PETS 2010

Workshop Objectives

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) bring the promise of improved safety, more comfort, better environment preservation, and optimised energy consumption. Mobile communication today allows for the deployment of services such as eCall, pay-per-use and road charging. In the future, vehicular communications (VC) and inter-vehicular communications (IVC) capability will pave the way to new applications such as extended hazard warning in safety critical situations, enhanced blind spot applications, and safe lane change assistance.

However, all these applications involve the sharing of significant amount of data, and it is not clear what their impact is on privacy and whether they are compliant with data protection requirements. The objective of this workshop is to investigate how privacy and data protection can be taken into account, in the design phase as well as the architecture and technology levels, and to discuss how stakeholders can build consensus on a pan-European approach.

For program and registration details, see http://www.preciosa-project.org/index.php/workshop-details

If you attend PETs 2010, it only costs a nominal fee and one day extra but will surely provide you with interesting insights into the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems and its relations to PETs.

Best regards ... Frank Kargl

Dr. Frank Kargl, Assoc. Prof.
Distributed and Embedded Security, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Email: f.kargl at utwente.nl - URL: http://www.kargl.net/

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