[PET] Moderating the PETS list?

Matthijs R. Koot koot at uva.nl
Fri Jul 16 22:03:23 BST 2010

Emiliano De Cristofaro wrote:
> Dear All,
> I agree with Roger and I think that PETS mailing list should be more
> specific to privacy-related topics.
> CPF-s are in fact useful, but as long as they are for (non-embarrassing)
> security and privacy-related conferences.

+1. In addition I'd love to see (topical) discussions on either *this*
list or, if communis opinio prefers, a separate high(er)-volume
"pet-discussion" list. Ideally it would be place that invites
high-quality discussion and welcomes everybody to express new ideas,
'crazy' thoughts, and criticism.

Matthijs Koot

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