[PET] Moderating the PETS list?

Jens Kubieziel jens at kubieziel.de
Thu Jul 15 17:45:17 BST 2010

* Wright, Matthew schrieb am 2010-07-15 um 18:02 Uhr:
> I think that the problem is less with the amount of CFPs than the
> distinct lack of actual PETs discussions. As Mario says, the volume


> really isn't very high. I recently joined the
> cryptography at metzdowd.com mailing list and it has a lot of active
> crypto-related discussions, which would be a nice thing to have for
> PETs. 

Recently came up another crypto related mailing list, because for while
the metzdowd-one seemed dead:

> The open question is whether the CFPs are preventing people from
> joining/staying/participating in discussion. If that's the belief,
> then go ahead and moderate. I guess we'll see if it has any impact.

I don't think that CFPs prevent people from discussing. In my opinion
newcomers tend to wait if there is a discussion on a list. If not they
disappear and try it elsewhere. Furthermore I often heard the complaint
that mailing lists are to complicated to use. However I never figured
out what is complicated which pressing the Reply-button and write an
answer or press Compose. So maybe we should discuss more and hopefully
this attracts more discussions. :-)

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