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Lothar Fritsch Lothar.Fritsch at NR.no
Fri Sep 4 12:36:49 BST 2009

Dear colleagues,

we're opening a position for a PhD student, which is be funded by the PETweb
II project, and enrolled into an information security PhD program. If you
happen to know interesting candidates, please feel free to forward the
information to them. 

Yours sincerily


PhD research position - Full position in Oslo, Norway

Information Privacy, Identity Management, and Privacy-enhancing Technology
within the PETweb II project in Oslo, Norway 

Application deadline: 31.10.2009

The Norwegian Computing Center (Norsk Regnesentral, NR) in cooperation with
the Gjøvik University College (GUC) are looking for a PhD candidate within
GUC’s Information Security PhD program. The funding is allocated for a
minimum of  three years in the PETweb II project, financed by the Research
Council of Norway. The project will run from late 2009 to 2013. The
candidate will receive a regular 100% work contract with NR, and will be
enrolled into GUC’s PhD program  for information security. 

Research in PETweb II 

The choice of an identity management (IDM) approach has severe consequences
on the way the information system can use, store, combine and possibly
misuse person-related information. The choice of a scheme for identity
management and  electronic identifiers and their integration with web
services is a critical step for IT projects. PETweb II (Privacy-respecting
Identity Management for 
e-Norge) aims at providing scientific support for such choices, in
particular by supporting: 

-	The analysis of specific technical and regulatory privacy and
security risks connected to the choice of an identity management approach 

-	The development of a reference model for privacy-respecting identity
management in web services, its design and implementation 

-	Research and development of a simulation and modelling method for
privacy consequences of identity management systems 

The PhD candidate will be expected to define a research topic relating to
the PETweb II project with the advisers, and to participate in the project
work within the above topics (conceptual work, implementation, evaluation,
publication  and presentation). Possible research topics can, for example,
cover these areas: 

-	Conceptual work on privacy properties and side effects of IDM

-	Technical improvements of IDM, e.g. using privacy enhancing
technology, to define or improve privacy properties or control and contain
privacy side effects; 

-  	The development and testing of practical metrics for robustness of
IDM approaches against known security and privacy threats. 

The work will be advised by a NR main advisor and a GUC professor as a
secondary advisor. The PETweb II project has international partners, thus
occasional travel to meetings and conferences is required. The project
language is English. 
The ideal candidate has a master-level background in computer science,
computer engineering or mathematics combined with practical skills in
programming, software design, office software and groupware. Experience in
several of these  fields is recommended: Information security, identity
management, privacy enhancing technology, information flow analysis,
business process modelling or cryptography. 
The application shall include: 

-  	A complete CV 

-  	Academic records 

-  	A letter of motivation elaborating the reason for seeking a PhD 

-  	A description (short abstract) of the Master thesis 

-  	List of scientific publications and articles, if available 

-  	List of participation in research projects, if available 

-	Proof of English skills, if available 

-	Other relevant experience, e.g. from a professional career 

The application must be submitted by e mail to human.resources at nr.no, as a
single pdf file with scanned documents as appendices. For further
information, please consult the following web pages, and take contact with
the persons listed  below: 

-	The PETweb II project:

-	NR – Department of Applied Research in ICT:

-	GUC PhD in Information Security program:
http://www.hig.no/studietilbud/it/master/phd NR work contract is offered
under the condition of a successful acceptance into the GUC PhD program
within two months after signing the work  contract with NR. 

Contact persons: 

For employment conditions, contract details and job application delivery:
Human Resources Manager Kari Åse Homme, human.resources at nr.no 

For inquiries on the PETweb II project and research topics: Lothar Fritsch,
Lothar.Fritsch at nr.no 

Dr. Lothar Fritsch, Research Scientist
Norsk Regnesentral
Norwegian Computing Center
Postboks 114, Blindern
N-0314 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22852603
Lothar.Fritsch at NR.no

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