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Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin tshb at cryptocracy.net
Mon Mar 16 10:37:25 GMT 2009

Hey folks!

The PETS submission deadline may be past, but there is still a chance to
showcase your hot new privacy ideas at the 2nd Hot Topics in Privacy
Enhancing Technologies.  HotPETs 2009 is held in conjunction with the 9th
Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium.  Submissions are due *May 8th 2009

>From the CFP <http://www.petsymposium.org/2009/hotpets.php>

As data storage gets ever cheaper and data collection and retention become
ubiquitous, questions of privacy become more acute. With legal protection of
individuals in most jurisdictions hopelessly inadequate, privacy enhancing
technologies must rise to meet the challenges and requirements of modern

Held in conjunction with the PET Symposium, HotPETs is the forum for hot new
ideas and perspectives in this field. We seek to bring privacy related
questions and technical solutions to the unique audience of the PETS for
discussion and feedback. This year we encourage submissions that explore the
human side of privacy: what do people believe about privacy? How does
privacy work in existing institutions? We hope that consideration of these
kinds of questions will help bring technical solutions to real world

Submissions may be mature works, but the nature of HotPETs' discussion
oriented format is especially suited to work in progress and new ideas that
have not yet been fully formed. For this reason accepted papers will be
printed in hard copy in extended abstract form for release physically at the
workshop, but will not be included in the PETS proceedings so as not to
preclude later publication of a full paper. Student submissions are
especially welcome.

Suggested topics include but are not restricted to:

   - User studies, real world impact of PETs
   - Human computer interaction, PETs usability
   - Medical perspectives, epidemiology
   - Sociological studies, cultural perspectives, and human rights relating
   to privacy
   - Policy, Legal perspectives, and privacy legislation
   - Citizen-government, and Government-business interaction
   - Anonymous communications and publishing systems, Censorship resistance
   - Attacks on privacy and technologies, vulnerabilities, phishing and
   identity theft
   - Economics of privacy
   - Deployment infrastructure, Fielded systems, and studies on existing
   - Privacy-enhanced access control or authentication/certification

Submission guidelines:11pt font, 15 page maximum, shorter submissions
preferred. .pdf and .doc accepted.HotPETs chairs:Thomas Heydt-Benjamin, IBM
Research ZurichAndrei Serjantov, The Free Haven Project

Contact us with any questions at: hotpets09 at petsymposium.org
Sincerely Yours,
              ---Tom Heydt-Benjamin
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