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Lexi Pimenidis pimenidis at fb5.uni-siegen.de
Tue Mar 3 12:23:44 GMT 2009

Here's a CfP which might interest you and/or your students, if HotPETs 
is too late from now or too far away from your place.

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Call for Papers/Participation

PET-CON 2009.1
an informal workshop on Privacy Enhancing Techniques

March 24-25, 2009, Dresden, Germany

PET-CON is a convention to help junior researchers, master and diploma
students, to come together and exchange ideas. For this purpose, we're
holding this event every six months at an easily reachable location
somewhere in Germany or nearby.

The convention is organized according to the grass roots approach: from
young researchers for young researchers. Therefore, there is no formal
dress code, no filtering of contributions, and no participation fee. If
possible, we plan the convention in a way which allows people to travel
there and back home on the same day -- so that busy people can participate
as well.

The convention will start after lunch and a short introduction. After that
we allow those participants who would like to do so, to give a short talk
(i.e. about 10 minutes). The purpose of the talks is to get feedback from
the other participants, discuss new ideas, related work, etc. For those
that plan to stay over-night, there'll be a social event with food and
drinks in the evening. At the next morning, we'd like to see some small
group discussions or working groups , but discussing in bigger groups is
possible as well.

The topics covered in this convention include (but are not limited to):

    * Anonymous Communication
          o Performance
          o Security (metrics)
          o Abuse detection/protection
    * Privacy on the Application Layer
    * End User Education and Training
    * HCI for PETs
    * Location Privacy
    * Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
    * Economics of Privacy Enhancing Techniques
    * Related Law Issues
    * Trust Negotiations

For those participants who would like to practice the art of writing
academic papers, we will establish a voluntary submission process with
peer-reviewed proceedings. In order to participate in the submission
process, you have to write a conference-style extended abstract for your
talk and submit it before the convention. However, we will (most likely)
not reject submissions during the review process, but rather use this
procedure to provide more structural feedback to the participants rather
than only ad-hoc feedback during the talks.

Note: Submissions are optional! You can give a talk without submitting an
extended abstract beforehand. You can also passively attend the convention
without giving a talk at all.

Important Dates

    * Submission deadline: 8.3.2009
    * Reviews available: 12.3.2009
    * Registration deadline: 18.3.2009 (not strictly enforced)
    * Revised versions due: 18.3.2009
    * Workshop: 24.-25.03.2009

Please note that all deadlines (with the exception of the actual workshop)
might still be changed.

If you would like to attend the convention, please send the following by
mail to registration (at) pet-con (dot) org:

    * your name and affiliation
    * whether you are going to give a talk or not
    * (optional) the subject of your talk and a short (2-3 sentences)
    * whether you are staying for dinner / the social event or not

There will be no participation fee, however you have to pay for travel and
accommodation costs for yourself (or ask your professor/university for a

If you are a student and can not afford the expenses for a travel
to Dresden, you can apply for a grant to support your travel.

For full details, agenda, the submission process and travel grants, please
visit our website:


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