[PET] CFP: IH2010, 12th Information Hiding Conference, 28-30 June 2010, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Call for Papers
12th Information Hiding Conference, 2010, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
June 28 - 30, 2010
Web: http://ih2010.cpsc.ucalgary.ca
E-mail: ih2010 at ucalgary.ca

For many years, Information Hiding has captured the imagination of  
researchers. Digital watermarking and steganography protect  
information, conceal secrets or are used as core primitives in digital  
rights management schemes. Steganalysis and forensics pose important  
challenges to investigators; and privacy techniques try to hide  
relational information such as the actors' identities in anonymous  
communication systems. These and other topic share the notion that  
security is defined by the difficulty to make (or avoid) inference on  
certain properties of host data, which therefore has to be well  
understood and modeled.

Current research themes include:
- Anonymity and privacy
- Covert/subliminal channels
- Digital rights management
- Fingerprinting and embedding codes
- Multimedia and document security
- Multimedia forensics and counter forensics
- Novel applications of information hiding
- Other data hiding domains (e.g. text, software, etc.)
- Security metrics for information hiding
- Steganography and steganalysis
- Theoretical aspects of information hiding and detection
- Watermarking (algorithms, security, attacks)

Continuing a successful series that brought together these closely  
linked research areas, the 12th edition of Information Hiding will be  
held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Interested parties are invited to submit novel papers on research and  
practice which are related to the above areas of interest. Claims  
about information hiding technology, such as robustness or  
steganographic security, must be backed by strong evidence in the  
paper (such as mathematical proofs, statistical modeling or extensive  
testing). Submissions must not substantially overlap papers that have  
been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a  
conference with proceedings. Submissions should follow the Springer  
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) format and should be no more  
than 15 pages including the bibliography and well-marked appendices.  
Accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by Springer  
in the LNCS series. Authors can submit their manuscripts on-line on  
the conference website where detailed instructions are provided. The  
submitted papers should be anonymized avoiding obvious references.

General Chair:
Philip W. L. Fong, University of Calgary, Canada

Program Committee:
Rainer Boehme, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, USA  
Rei Safavi-Naini, University of Calgary, Canada (Co-Chair)

Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge, UK
Mauro Barni, Universita di Siena, Italy
Patrick Bas, CNRS, France
Francois Cayre, GIPSA-lab/Grenoble INP, France
Ee-Chien Chang, National University of Singapore
Christian Collberg, University of Arizona, USA
Ingemar J. Cox, University College London, UK
Gwenael Doerr, Thomson Security Lab, France
Hany Farid, Dartmouth College, USA
Jessica Fridrich, SUNY Binghamton, USA
Teddy Furon, INRIA, France
Neil F. Johnson, Booz Allen Hamilton and JJTC, USA
Stefan Katzenbeisser, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Darko Kirovski, Microsoft Research, USA
John McHugh, RedJack, LLC. and University of North Carolina, USA
Ira S. Moskowitz, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Andreas Pfitzmann, TU Dresden, Germany
Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany
Phil Sallee, Booz Allen Hamilton, USA
Berry Schoenmakers, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Kaushal Solanki, Mayachitra Inc., USA
Kenneth Sullivan, Mayachitra Inc., USA

Local Organization:
Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary.

Key Dates -
Submission Deadline: March 13th 2010
Notification of Acceptance: May 10th 2010
Pre-proceedings Copy: May 30th 2010
Registration Deadline for Authors: May 28th 2010
Final Version: July 31st 2010

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