[PET] CfP: IFIP TC-9 HCC-9 Stream on Privacy and Surveillance within the IFIP World Computer Congress 2010

Simone Fischer Hübner simone.fischer-huebner at kau.se
Tue Dec 22 09:37:01 GMT 2009

Call for Papers

IFIP TC-9 HCC-9 Stream on
Privacy and Surveillance (IFIP-TC9-HCC9)
within the IFIP World Computer Congress  2010
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
2 0 -2 3 September 2010 , Brisbane , Australia

New technical and legal developments pose greater 
and greater privacy dilemmas. Governments have in 
the recent years increasingly established and 
legalised surveillance schemes in form of data 
retention, communication interception or CCTVs 
for the reason of fighting terrorism or serious 
crimes. Surveillance Monitoring of individuals is 
also a threat in the private sector: Private 
organisations are for instance increasingly using 
profiling and data mining techniques for targeted 
marketing, analysing customer buying predictions 
or social sorting. Work place monitoring 
practices allow surveillance of employees. 
Emerging pervasive computing technologies, where 
individuals are usually unaware of a constant 
data collection and processing in their 
surroundings, will even heighten the problem that 
individuals are effectively losing control over 
their personal spheres. At a global scale, Google 
Earth and other corporate virtual globes may have 
dramatic consequences for the tracking and 
sorting of individuals. With CCTV, the 
controlling power of surveillance is in few 
hands. With live, high resolution imagery feeds 
from space in the near future, massive 
surveillance may soon be available to everybody, 
a development whose consequences we do not yet 
grasp. New means of surveillance are also enabled 
by social networks, in which individuals are 
publishing many intimate personal details about 
themselves and others. Such social networks are 
today already frequently analysed by employers, 
marketing industry, law enforcement or social engineering.

The aim of this conference stream is to discuss 
and analyse such privacy risks of surveillance 
for humans and society as well as countermeasures 
for protecting the individuals’ rights to 
informational self-determination from multi-disciplinary perspectives.

We are therefore especially inviting the 
submissions of papers addressing privacy aspects 
in relation to topics such as (but not limited to):
    * Surveillance technologies
    * Corporate virtual globes (Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth)
    * Profiling & data mining
    * Ambient Intelligence, RFID
    * GPS, Location-Based Services
    * Social Network Analysis
    * ID cards
    * Biometrics
    * Data sharing
    * Visual surveillance
    * Workplace monitoring
    * Communication interception
    * Data retention
    * Anonymity & Pseudonymity
    * Privacy-enhancing technologies
    * Privacy-enhancing Identity Management

Important Dates:

Submission of papers: January 31, 2010
Notification to authors: April 20, 2010
Camera-ready copies: May 15, 2010

Instructions for paper submission:
    * Papers must not substantially overlap with 
papers that have been published or are 
simultaneously submitted to a journal or another conference with proceedings.
    * Papers must be written in English; they 
should be at most 10-12 pages in total, including 
bibliography and well-marked appendices.
    * Papers should be intelligible without appendices, if any.
    * Accepted papers will be presented at the 
conference and published in the IFIP Series by 
Springer. Submitted and accepted papers must 
follow the publisher’s guidelines for the IFIP 
author templates, and manuscript preparation in Word).
    * At least one author of each accepted paper 
must register to the conference and present the paper.
    * Papers submitted after this deadline will be discarded without review.

For paper submission in electronic form (word or 
pdf):  please refer to: 

PC co-Chairs:
Simone Fischer-Hübner (Karlstad University, Sweden)
Yola Georgiadou (International Institute for 
Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Netherlands)

PC members:
Jacques Blamont (CNES, France)
Roger Clarke 
(<http://www.rogerclarke.com/CNotice.html>Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Australia)
George Danezis (Microsoft Research, UK)
Marit Hansen (Independent Centre for Privacy Protection, Germany)
Francis Harvey (University of Minnesota, USA)
Jan Holvast (Holvast & Partner, Netherlands)
David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Eleni Kosta (KU Leuven, Belgium)
Ronald Leenes (Tilburg University, Netherlands)
Andreas Pfitzmann (TU Dresden, Germany)
Kai Rannenberg (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)
Morton Swimmer (Trend Micro, Inc., USA)
Jozef Vyskoc (VaF, Slovakia)
Diane Whitehouse (The Castlegate Consultancy, UK)
Louise Yngström (Stockholm University/KTH, Sweden)
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